– an innovative enterprise and sustainable business partner, in creating low cost, flexible and modular safe living environments for people


Globe Housing ®

We will through our innovative and development oriented enterprise, contribute to a better life for challenged people in the world.

We deliver cost-effective solutions for building safe temporary and semi-permanent flexible and modular schools, hospitals, health clinics and homes. Patent for this concept has been optained for South Africa and is pending for East Africa and Europe.

Health Clinics

In a collaboration with the local population in the relevant countries, we wish to provide a basis for local production. At the same time, it will facilitate local employment and economic growth for the population and the communities as a whole.


The Globe Housing ®

Building concept

• Building size 37 m2, including a loft 53 m2.
• Flexible and modular.
• Minimal maintenance.
• insulated to create a good indoor climate

Can be joint into clusters or erected individually and taken apart as an assembly kit, making the product mobile and recyclable.

Built by fiber-reinforced concrete and the buildings are fire-proof, weatherresistant, insulated and energy-efficient.
Structural integrity is tested by the Danish Technical University (DTU).



We offer a full turn-key solution based on local production of the housing elements. On request we estimate the price for a raw building, depending on the number of units, location and soil conditions.

A “raw” building will have roof, walls, insulation and doors, but without amenities.

However, the building will be prepared for the installation of amenities according to the purpose of the building:

E.g. the price for kitchen, toilet, bath, and solar PV is depending on local prices and the local environment.

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The Globe Housing® building concept contributes to fulfill the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Globe Housing ®


AS Magnus Holm

The Danish company A/S Magnus Holm has worked with fiber concrete since 1972 and is today one of Denmark’s largest capacities in the field.

DTU Civil Engineering

DTU Civil Engineering is a part of Technical University of Denmark and operates within the area of civil engineering. It conducts research and innovation in collaboration with the industry. The experts and technical facilities of the department are available to companies on commercial terms through the project organization BYG•innovation.

European Development Fund

The project development is supported by the European Regional Fund and administrated by Access2innovation under the PIVØ-program (partnership driven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa).


Access2innovation is the Danish platform for innovative, sustainable, commercial solutions for the emerging markets in Africa. It offers Danish business access to partnerships with NGO’s, investors and knowledge institutions.